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Ford And Chrysler Killing Sedans Favors Their Japanese Competitors

Ford Motor announced Wednesday that it’s killing sedans from its U.S. dealerships, exception making only its legendary Mustang. By saying good buy to FocusFusionFiesta, and Taurus, it will double down on trucks and sports utilities. The Focus nameplate will stick around, only in the form of a crossover utility.

Ford is not alone, though. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles already cut the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200, focusing on more profitable Jeep SUVs and Ram pickups. General Motors has been reducing its sedan production, also, cutting back on its Cruze compact production. Chevrolet Sonic and Impala could be affected, too. The Detroit Three Say that they just follow consumer preferences, which have shifted in favor of SUVs and crossovers.


Jaguar XJ50 is a Supercharged Birthday Present

The new stylish and supercharged Jaguar XJ50 was produced as a celebration for the 50th anniversary of the elegant luxury sedan, the XJ. This piece of luxury comes in long-wheelbase format and is powered by either a 340-hp supercharged V6 or a 47-hp supercharged V8.

The XJ50 was first revealed at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show and is visually separated from the standard XJ by having unique front and rear bumpers, special badges on the side vents, a gloss black grille, and 20-inch alloy with a gloss black diamond turned finish wheels. It will be available in four colors: Rosello Red, Fuji White, Santorini Black and Loire Blue.


McLaren 570GT Cabbeen: dragon motifs

McLaren 570GT Cabbeen: dragon motifs: This is the first time in history for McLaren to collaborate with a Chinese fashion designer in order of releasing a uniquely styled model in extremely limited numbers. The McLaren 570GTCabbeen Collection is styled with inputs from a Chinese designer of the same name, Cabbeen, and it’s limited to just five units for the entire world.

Right now China is the market every car maker is trying to please and this trick seems to be a good way of pandering to the Chinese public. That is not to say McLaren 570GT Cabbeen Collection is rubbish. On the contrary, the design is pretty classy, even all those dragon motifs. On the outside McLaren 570GT Cabbeen Collection features a MSO Obsidian Black paint finish, garnished with hand-painted dragon door inserts. Complementing the golden dragons is a set of 15-Spoke GT wheels and brake calipers all finished in Bespoke Gloss Speedline Gold.

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The car industry pressured by technology and raw materials costs

The car industry pressured by technology and raw materials costsAs pressures mount on the industry despite rising vehicle sales, climbing technology costs, raw materials, and global currency shifts ate into profits at the world’s carmakers. The US car market seems to recover, thanks to the sales increase in the first quarter.

German groups Volkswagen and Daimler saw material and commodity costs deflate their earnings, while smaller operators Volvo and Mazda flagged rising technology and marketing spending for their profit drops. The outlay from launching new vehicles also took tolls on Fiat ChryslerGeneral Motors, Volvoand Daimler, with higher marketing spending and, in FCA’s case, unexpected outgoings to overcome teething problems in its production. Fiat Chrysler’s first-quarter net profit rose 5 per cent to€1.04bn but was damped by close to €1bn in launch costs for its latest technology-packed pick-up truck, the RAM 1500.

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Ford to Kill all But Two Cars in North American Dealerships

Ford said on Wednesday that the only passenger cars that it plans to keep on the North American market will be the Mustang and the upcoming Ford Focus Active which is a crossover-like hatchback that is due in 2019. That means that the regular FocusFiestaTaurus, and Fusion won’t be available in the United States and Canada.

Ford will continue to offer its full spectrum of SUVstrucks, and crossovers. By 2020, almost 90 percent of Ford’s portfolio in North America will be trucks, utilities, and commercial vehicles. The car manufacturer is exploring new vehicle models that won’t fall neatly into typical categories and will combine the best qualities of cars and utilities like higher height, space, and versatility


2004 Audi TT For Sale. 51k original miles, $1000

2004 Audi TT For Sale. 51k original miles, $1000. Runs and drives excellent (like new). Automatic transmission with manual sport mode. New Perelli tires, rims are in perfect condition.

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1993 Nissan Skyline r33 Coupe for sale, $2,500, 110873 miles.

One of the first legal r33 GTR allowed in the USA. Serviced twice a year, just recently had replaced exhaust manifold studs and had the speedo changed to read in miles. Brand new brake lines.

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Ferrari Won't Build An EV Until 2022

Ferrari Won't Build An EV Until 2022There are so many automakers which are switching to building hybrids, but Ferrari isn’t one of them. Ferrari has decided to delay its plans for an electric supercar until at least the end of 2022.

Chairman Sergio Marchionne had told media at the Detroit Motor Show that “if there is an electric supercar to be built, then Ferrari will be the first.” No one mentioned the Rimac C_Two, the Nio EP9 or the Xing Mobility Roadster, assuming that last one ever actually gets built.

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General Motors April Sales Expectations

General Motors April Sales Expectations: Only a few hours left until General Motors reports its first-quarter 2018 earnings results, and here’s what to expect. Analysts think GM will report first-quarter earnings of $1.28 per share, on average, down from $1.75 in the first quarter of 2017. They expect GM's revenue to come in at $34.6 billion, down from $41.2 billion a year ago.

The reason of the huge drop is that GM sold its European subsidiary, Opel AG, in a transaction that closed early in the third quarter of 2017. On a "continuing operations" basis, excluding Opel's results, GM generated $37.3 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 2017. Analysts are still expecting a year-over-year revenue decline, but it's a $2.7 billion decline, not a $6.6 billion drop.

Maybach Vision Ultimate Luxury Blends SUV And Sedan

Mercedes-Benz has now announced full details about the Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury that will be displayed at the Auto China show in Beijing. The car’s designers created a little strange shape with the Chinese auto market in mind that blends the aesthetics of an SUV and a sedan.

The Vision Ultimate Luxury will be powered by an electric, all-wheel-drive powertrain. The electric motors produce a total of 738 horsepower, and the 80-kilowatt-hour battery lasts for over 200 miles. A fast-charging system will regain 60 miles in just five minutes. The design of the vehicle is definitely impressive, if not beautiful.


New-Car Shoppers Will Pay Higher Costs

Anyone planning to buy a new car for the first time in a while might need to prepare themselves for a bit of a shock. The combination of higher auto prices, longer loans, and bigger interest rates means that a buyer could pay about $6,500 more for a car that they would have five years ago.

The average price paid for a new car reached the $34,623 mark in March. Five years ago, that number was 31,078. The loans bring their share to the price, too. Growing interest rates makes borrowing more expensive. Now interest rates on new-car loans stand at 5.7 percent compared with 4.4 percent in March 2013. And because of the growing prices, consumers have been financing larger balances: an average of $31,020 compared to $26,533 five years ago.


VW's Pike's Peak Vehicle Gets Unveiled

VW's Pike's Peak Vehicle Gets UnveiledVolkswagen has unveiled its electric car to challenge for the title in the infamous Race to the Clouds at Pike’s Peak in Colorado. It’s a smooth-bodied, single-seater, closed-cockpit machine with a giant rear wing – plenty of downforce always a good thing when you are attempting to drive flat-out for 12 and a half miles (20km) up the side of a mountain to a peak 4300m above sea level… in under nine minutes.

volkswagen-id-r-pikes-peak (2).jpg
It’s called the ID R, and it’s by far the most exciting thing VW has applied its burgeoning electric vehicle sub-brand to. Just look at the size of the rear wing! The car was partially revealed a few weeks ago, but now we have some proper technical details to go on. Most importantly, what it’ll be powered by: it has two motors making a combined 671bhp and 470lb ft.

BMW to export iX3 electric SUV in U.S. from China

BMW to export iX3 electric SUV in U.S. from China:

China and the U.S. might not be in their best relationship nowadays, but that doesn’t mean BMW will give up its sales goals. BMW will export its first full-electric SUV, called the iX3, to global markets after it goes into production in 2020 at its joint-venture plant in China.

The iX3 project makes BMW the first major luxury-car maker to ship high-tech vehicles from China, in a sign consumers no longer equate the country with cheap products. It positions the Shenyang site to supply SUVs to the U.S., the second-biggest market for BMW, even with the question of higher American tariffs against Chinese-made goods still up in the air. The government’s Made in China 2025 development drive is giving foreign carmakers more confidence their local joint-venture factories have the technology suitable for exports.

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Car Dealerships Facing a Dilemma: Get Big or Get Out

Car buyers who have been purchasing their cars from the same dealership for generations could see a different kind of for-sale sign the next time they visit. Small to mid-size dealer groups are selling their businesses to car-retail giants or investment firms.

Dealers say that they need to get triple revenue in the next 5 years to offset shrinking margins and increasing competition from companies that did not exist a decade ago. The internet has made the field very tough, by making car prices more transparent for customers and giving them the opportunity to shop around. It has also enabled the online shopping for used cars.

Hyundai Santa Cruz Pickup Truck is Due Around 2020

Set to go directly against Honda’s Ridgeline, the road-going version of the Santa Cruz concept has been announced for 2020. Like its competitor, the workhorse will try to offer a car-like driving experience coupled with the extra practicality of a pickup truck.

It is not known how much the concept’s design will influence the looks of the production model. There’s also doubt in the matter of what will power the Santa Cruz, considering that the concept had a four-cylinder 2.0-liter diesel engine. While it was acceptable in the pre-Dieselgate era, only time will show whether the road-going Santa Cruz will feature a CRDi engine.

Mitsubishi to re-build its Lancer as a crossover

Mitsubishi to re-build its Lancer as a crossover: You probably already know how Mitsubishi re-purposed the Eclipse name for a Qashqai-sized crossover, don’t you? Well, this time the automaker will use the Lancer name for a medium-sized crossover.

Used since the early 70s for a succession of saloon cars - some of which were turned into fire-breathing, rally-bred Evolution cars - the Lancer name bowed out in most markets last year.Mitsubishi Lancer is about to make a comeback on a new SUV which is aimed to take on small crossovers like the Toyota CH-R and C-segment hatchbacks such as the Ford Focus RS.

Nissan LEAF- the best-selling electric car in the world

Nissan LEAF- the best-selling electric car in the world: Last fiscal year the sales of Nissan surged 10%, driven by growing customer demand for the zero-emission Nissan LEAF, the world’s best-selling EV. Across all the major markets: Japan, Europe and the U.S., this electric car posted robust sales growth in the fiscal year that has ended on March 31.

Demand is expected to keep rising as customers embrace the new, second-generation Nissan LEAF, which offers increased range and new, advanced technologies. Sales of the redesigned model, introduced in October 2017, are gaining traction in Japan and the U.S. The all-new LEAF is set to go on sale in more new markets this fiscal year, including Latin America and the Asia & Oceania region.

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The 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid might become a hit in its segment!

The 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid might become a hit in its segment!The 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid has pulled out all the stops to make sure it is a hit in the mid-range hybrid segment. The car comes with refreshed design, improved fuel economy, and a range of advanced tech features. Thanks to a price that starts at $25,500, this car represents one of the best value-for-money choices in this market.

That price is 500 bucks lower than the 2017 model year, while 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is better looking and better equipped. The sedan has a 2.0L GDI 4-cylinder Hybrid with a 6-speed automatic transmission that delivers an average fuel economy of 42 mpg. In terms of features, even the base model now boasts Blind Spot Detection with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, while Limited trim gets Panoramic sunroof, bi-function LED headlights and LED interior lights. There is also an Ultimate package which adds Automatic Emergency Braking, Lane Keep Assist, wireless charging pad and heated steering wheel.

Ford declined GM's 9-speed offer

Ford declined GM's 9-speed offerFord decided not to go for the nine-speed transmission offered by General Motors. The company opted for 2 new eight-speed transmissions on vehicles such as the Ford Edge, Ford Transit Connect, and Lincoln Nautilus.

cq5dam.web.1280.1280 (1).jpeg
The first of those is based off the nine-speed, dropping one of the gears. The second eight-speed, for higher-performance vehicles such as the upcoming Edge ST and V-6 version of the Nautilus, adapts a six-speed that was co-developed with GM as part of a 2002 tie-up. A third eight-speed is expected for smaller, lower-torque vehicles.

2004 Audi TT For Sale. 51k original miles, $1000

2004 Audi TT For Sale. 51k original miles, $1000. Runs and drives excellent (like new). Automatic transmission with manual sport mode. New Perelli tires, rims are in perfect condition.

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The new Vladimir Putin's transport to cost more than 100 million

The new Vladimir Putin's transport to cost more than 100 million: When it comes to choosing the car we are going to drive we might get a bit silly, because well, we all want to drive the best cars. But, what can we expect from a president who buys a car? Check out the entirely bespoke creation that will soon be the primary transport for the most important man in Russia- Vladimir Putin.

This isn’t an existing car. It uses a 4.6-litre turbocharged Porsche engine with 592bhp and 650lb ft of torque, but otherwise, it’s apparently an entirely bespoke project designed and specified by the Russian government in tandem with Porsche and Bosch. Stick that in your Cadillac truck-based pipe and smoke it, President Trump. The whole thing is rumored to have cost around £85 million to develop, although that cost covers the price of building other body styles, too. There’s said to be a range incoming, from a saloon to an MPV and even an SUV.

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Porsche's head of powertrain development gets arrested

Porsche's head of powertrain development gets arrestedThe German police have arrested the head of powertrain development at Volkswagen's Porschebusiness, Joerg Kerner. The arrest was related to ongoing inquiries into emissions manipulation, a person familiar with the matter said. Police are holding him on remand.

Без названия (1).jpg
The police are holding him on remand because he is considered a flight risk. The arrest of Joerg Kerner was related to ongoing inquiries into emissions manipulation at Volkswagen, more than two years after the German carmaker admitted cheating on U.S. exhaust tests.

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Ford Mustang Hybrid Coming in 2020

While Ford takes power to the extreme with its upcoming GT500, the carmaker wants to embrace the eco-friendly scene with its first hybrid Mustang, that is to debut at an unspecified time in 2020. This should help unlock Mustang’s potential in other global markets, too.

Even if the hybrid will be more fuel efficient, this doesn’t mean that it’ll be boring; it will still cater to performance enthusiasts with V8 levels of power and even more torque. Ford is already looking ahead to its next-generation Mustang, already imagining more possible variants to maximize its appeal in 2020. They don’t go into detail, but they could consider options like all-wheel drive or even a fully electric version of the Mustang.

Houston Car Sales Climbed, Prices Fell in March

In the first quarter of 2018 new car sales grew by 12.6 percent over the last year as high consumer confidence and low unemployment favored Houston dealerships. Local car dealers sold 22.278 new cars in March, which is more by 6.4 percent over the last year.

However, the average price for a new vehicle fell for the second month in a row to $37,217, which is less by $554 or 1.5 percent. Prices fell in all car categories, cars, trucks, and SUVs. Average prices fell because the market share for trucks and SUVs has fallen. Since SUVs and trucks cost more than sedans, a loss in market share translates to lower average prices.


The 2019 Lexus ES previewed ahead Beijing Auto Show

The 2019 Lexus ES previewed ahead Beijing Auto ShowWho else is waiting for the 2018 Beijing Auto Show? Well, we’ve got only a few more days until the show will be officially open. One of the models we would like to see there is the new Lexus ES.

2019-lexus-es-teaser (3).jpg
The previous versions of the ES were all distinctly different than their sibling, IS, GS and LS, boasting decidedly less premium design features. It was as though the ES was not worthy of the brand’s corporate look. That does not seem to be the case with the 2019 Lexus ES. This one seems to be a smaller version of the top dog LS luxury saloon.

Wells Fargo might pay $1 billion fine for loan abuses

Wells Fargo might pay $1 billion fine for loan abuses: The company which is about to set a record fine of $1 billion imposed by two U.S. regulators for its risk management business is none other than Wells Fargo & Co. Lask week the company got a proposal from U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), to resolve probes into auto insurance and mortgage lending abuses at the third-largest U.S. bank.

Wells has acknowledged that it charged customers for excessive auto insurance, a burdensome expense that caused some to see their cars repossessed after defaulting on loans. Wells Fargo declined to comment on the reported settlement. The bank, still smarting from a prolonged scandal in which bank employees created millions of fake bank accounts in customers' names, found inconsistencies at its auto lending and mortgage in summer 2017, leading to further probes by regulators.