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McLaren's revealing 70 percent increase from 2015 profits

McLaren's revealing 70 percent increase from 2015 profitsMcLaren Automotive has been rumored to be bought by Apple back in 2016, but why sell a company which does so well on its own? Of course the car maker isn’t planning to do any of this, because its lineup brought it to record profitability and sales in 2016.


The automaker reported Thursday that pretax profits for 2016 were 9.2 million pounds ($11.9 million) on revenue of $844.7 million. That's a 70 percent increase from 2015 profits and marks the fourth consecutive year of profits for the independent McLaren brand. Much of the company's higher profit tally in 2016 reflected the popularity of its expanding Sports Series lineup. Demand for the higher-volume vehicles, positioned as the gateway to the McLaren brand, led to total sales of 3,286 in 2016, a 99 percent increase from 1,654 in 2015.

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4 Cars to target on this 4th of July

4 Cars to target on this 4th of July: You might have already planned your Fourth of July weekend, but before that head over to RepoKar.com, for amazing car deals. Shop for your favorite all-American cars or choose one of our international vehicles for sale. If it’s still hard to decide on which vehicle to buy, see our list of best cars to target for savings:

Chevrolet Sonic


There are a few factors make the Chevy Sonic a good value right now. For one, its sales total so far this year is 44.9 percent lower than it was in the same period last year. Plus, in the last 12 months, transaction prices for General Motors vehicles have fallen 1.8 percent, which is the largest drop for any automaker in that timespan. The industry as a whole has experienced 2.6 percent price inflation in that period. So if the door is this widely open, why not use it?

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2018 Maserati GranTurismo- achingly pretty and current-ish

2018 Maserati GranTurismo- achingly pretty and current-ishMaserati GranTurismo isn’t a new car for the luxury car market, but it keeps on getting updated so that we won’t feel like there is no reason on buying a newer version of it. Within these 10 years it got a lot of changes, but what exactly got changed for the 2018 model-year?


If you look very closely you can see the new restyled front end. The nose from the grille backward is more aggressive looking and is now flanked by larger air intakes – this helps reduce the drag coefficient to just 0.32Cd. Maserati has also been busy around the back by fitting a redesigned bumper and new exhaust pipes. Although weirdly, Maserati no images of the rear are available. The entry-level GranTurismo spec is no longer available so Sport and MC Stradale flavours are the only options. Thankfully the 4.7-litre V8 motor remains the same, which is fine by us. This Ferrari-built unit is good for 453bhp and 383lb ft of torque in Sport trim, propelling the comfortable four-seater to 62mph from a standstill in 4.8 seconds.

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Ford will spend $142 million on recalling 402,462 Transit vans

Ford will spend $142 million on recalling 402,462 Transit vans: 402,462 Transit vans were issued for recall by Ford Motor Co., this problem will cost the automaker $142 million. Ford says the vans recalled have a faulty driveshaft flexible coupling, which might lead to the separation of the driveshaft, and it could result in a loss of power, unintended vehicle movement and damage to brake and fuel lines.
Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the Transit issue. Ford disclosed the cost of the recall in a Wednesday filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The charge will be incurred in the second quarter results of the North American unit. The company is due to report second-quarter earnings on July 26. The affected 2015-17 model-year vehicles were built at Kansas City Assembly Plant between Jan. 17, 2014, and June 15, 2017.
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SEAT Arona has everything it needs to take the SUV segment by storm

SEAT Arona has everything it needs to take the SUV segment by storm:Barcelona was the first one to welcome the new compact SUV from SEAT. The handsome and athletic looking crossover seems to have everything it needs to take the segment by storm. The 2018 SEAT Arona is built for adventures, says the car maker, in spite of its size and cutesy looks.


Actually, 2018 SEAT Arona has just the right size for a car of this type. The Ibiza-based SUVis  is 4,138mm long and its seats are fitted 62mm higher than the hatchback for that commanding driving position people love. The car is also 99mm taller than the Ibiza,has 15mm higher suspension height, and boasts a 400-liter boot.

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Nothing lasts forever: Austin car sales cool down

Nothing lasts forever: Austin car sales cool down: We were already convinced Austin won’t be affected by the US car market getting cooler, since it had such a great 2017 start, but it seems like nothing’s forever. According to sales at Austin dealerships consumers bought only 10,919 new vehicles during this month, comparing to 11,183 cars the same month last year.


The recent slowdown is in contrast to the first two months of the year, which saw booming sales.January car sales were up 10.4 percent and February sales surged 22.4 percent over the same months in 2016. Thanks to that strong start, through the end of May Austin-area new vehicles sales remain ahead of their pace through the same time frame in 2016, with sales up 3.1 percent year-over-year. For the first five months of the year, local dealers sold 51,419 new cars, trucks, vans and SUVs, compared with 49,837 for the same period in 2016.

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The decline in U.S. auto sales may be less painful

The current slowdown in U.S. auto sales may be less severe for the auto industry than it seems. The reason is that most of the decline is in generally less-profitable fleet sales. The forecasting and consulting firms said they expect U.S. auto sales of just under 1.5 million in June 2017, down 2.3 percent from a year ago. That corresponds to a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate of 16.5 million, down from a SAAR of 16.8 million a year ago. The SAAR is an estimate for the full year of sales, based on the selling rate in a single month.
June would mark the fourth monthly SAAR in a row below the benchmark of 17 million units.Automakers are expected to report June sales on Monday, July 3. For the first half fleet sales would be down around 8 percent vs. the first half of 2016, while retail sales to individual customers would be down just 0.6 percent. Fleet sales, especially sales to daily rental companies, are generally less profitable than retail sales to individuals. Softer sales in June and for the first half of 2017 make it all but certain sales for the full year will fall below 2016, ending a record streak of seven years in a row of increasing U.S. auto salesRead more 

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz E-400 Cabriolet is flawless!

The arrival of the E-Class Cabriolet is quite predictable, isn’t it? It exists to fill in Mercedes’ three-by-three car lineup, giving Benz a sedancoupe, and convertible in each of three sizes, CE, and S. Things were far less predictable twenty-five years ago. That was the time when Mercedes took a risk and chopped the top off the indefatigable and sublimely angular W124 coupe. At that time, in the early 90’s, the convertible market was considered moribund, the victim of new safety rollover regulations and the incipient threat of a soft-top ban in the US.
We are now in a golden age of Benz convertibles. Would you believe it if we told you that the brand makes seven? In addition to the aforementioned C, E, S, and lunatic G, there’s the SLC, SL, and GT. This is more than any other contemporary manufacturer by a wide margin. Why? Well, as the brand’s head of product planning says, “Because people love them. People reward themselves with a convertible.” And the Mercedes-Benz brand exists firmly in the reward paradigm. Read more 

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U.S. car sales seen down 2 percent in June?

Analysts say that U.S. auto sales in June will likely fall 2 percent from a year earlier despite large discounts for consumers, presenting a fresh sign that automakers are heading into a downturn. June U.S. new vehicle sales will be about 1.48 million units, a drop of 2 percent from 1.51 million units a year earlier. The forecast was based on the first 15 selling days of the month. Automakers will release June U.S. sales results on July 3.
The seasonally adjusted annualized rate for the month will be 16.5 million vehicles, down nearly 2 percent from 16.8 million units in the same month in 2016. Retail sales to consumers, which do not include multiple fleet sales to rental agencies, businesses and government, were set to decline more than 1.3 percent in June. U.S. sales of new cars and trucks hit a record high of 17.55 million units in 2016. But the market has begun to saturate thanks partly to a glut of nearly-new used vehicles,forcing automakers to hike incentives to entice consumers to buy. Read more 

2018 BMW X3: American-built German SUV

2018 BMW X3: American-built German SUV: Here’s the first complete look at the new 2018 BMW X3. This American built German SUV comes with a heavily refreshed exterior and interior as well, for the first time, an M Performance variant. But it’s still not a very desirable proposition.


Poor X3, it seems like there is something wrong with this car’s genes because while every new generation is certainly different than the one before, they are just not good looking cars. So yes, 2018 BMW X3 does get new lights and sporty bumpers – especially in the case of the M40i model – but it’s still really ugly and that’s the truth. Not that unsavory looks are going to affect its sales. The new X3 will fly out of the showrooms because, well, BMW buyers! Need I say more?

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By saying the U.S. auto market goes down specialists literally ignore the fact that a shakeout normally requires a recession and rising unemployment to poison the market’s health, which by the way isn’t visible yet. Saying the consumer lending is currently in crisis is a wrong path, just like the worries that the U.S. car sales are about to dive by between 1 million to 4 million annually over the next 3 years.
The downward spiral can be saved by another government “cash for clunkers” subsidies. A stretched consumer, falling used prices, and technological obsolescence of current cars are ingredients for an unprecedented buyer’s strike. Expect the 2017 vehicle sales to be at 17.3 million, of course that’s a bit down from a previous estimate of 18.3 million, which means it’s still a downhill, but it’s not so bad as we thought before. A further 7% decline will follow for 2018 car sales, but that’s something normal after 7 years of growing sales.

Aston Martin electric car goes limited edition after LeEco pulls out

Aston Martin was forced to scale back production plans for its first electric model after cash-strapped investment partner LeEco pulled out of the project.. The result, though, may be an even more exclusive car, aimed at customers who consider Tesla’s top of the range $130,000 Model S to be a little too run of the mill. Aston Martin will build only 155 of its RapidE, about a third of the initial plan, and lean more heavily on Formula One engineering specialist Williams after the withdrawal of Chinese TV and smartphone vendor LeEco.
The setback and Aston’s response underscore the challenges and risks niche carmakers face as they scramble to address future demand for electrification from consumers and regulators. While the privately held Aston Martin brand benefits from the endorsement of fictitious spy James Bond, it lacks the backing of a large automotive parent that many rivals enjoy. Read more 

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After Tesla opened a whole new level for the EV world, we’ve been waiting for automakers from Europe like: Audi, Renault Sport, or Mercedes to come fight with it for the first spot but they didn’t. Instead of big automakers the first one to try its luck with Tesla is Polestar. Polestaris shifting gears, though. Instead of being a small-volume Volvo fettler, it’s expanding its business model to include its own machines, crowned with Polestar badges and not a Volvo symbol in sight (on the outside, at least).
From minute one Polestar performance cars will be rely on electrified drivetrains, split across hybrids and all-electrics. Wow. Tesla aside, no one volume-sells fast electric cars. Apart from Elon Musk and his team, no one has built a good enough one, yet. We’ve obviously excluding the likes of the Nio EP9 and Rimac Concept One, here, because they’re never going to be built in numbers.

Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection

Takata Corp. filed for bankruptcy protectionTakata Corp. filed for bankruptcy protection in Japan and the U.S., after the world’s biggest automotive recall scandal. The company will be bought by the U.S. supplier Key Safety for $1.59 billion. The sale will not include some operations related to Takata’s business in the ammonium nitrate airbag inflators that were the subject of a global recall linked to defects that resulted in some airbags exploding with too much force and spraying the cabin with metal shards.


Malfunctioning Takata airbag inflators have been linked to at least 16 deaths and 180 injuries worldwide and a $1 billion fine in the U.S. In January, a federal grand jury indicted three former Takata executives for criminal wrongdoing in connection with the safety defect. Key Safety said the amonium nitrate airbag inflator operations would be run by a reorganized Takata following the closing of the transaction -- and they would eventually wind down.

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Mercedes to give dealers more advertising leeway

Mercedes-Benz USA is lifting a key restriction on Tier 3 local advertising by dealers. Instead of limiting that ad spending to new-car salesMercedes will let dealers use the money to promote any area of the business. Ken Schnitzer, chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board and owner of four Mercedes-Benz dealerships in Texas, says that they can spend money on new, preowned, service — whatever they think their need is. He thinks that’s really a big improvement.
The company’s U.S. leaders talked to dealers about the change earlier this month at its national dealer meeting in Miami. It is unclear exactly when the restriction was lifted, but it is effective now, dealers said. Mercedes-Benz declined to comment on the meeting or the change. While the change seems like a simple thing, it should make a big difference and give dealers a chance to improve their service retention or their used-car sales. There is no change in the amount of money earmarked for Tier 3 cooperative advertising nor in the formula used to determine available co-op money. Read more 

2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast: The Name Says It All

Have you already heard about the 2018 812 Superfast? If not, meet the new Ferrari with the silliest, most childish, and absolutely coolest name ever! Officially, the name is an homage to the 4.9 Superfast of the 1950s, Ferrari getting all gushy and sentimental as it celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. But forget all that and just say the name again: Superfast. There hasn’t been a more descriptive and honest moniker for a product since Sugar Pops.
Replacing the F12, the Superfast is the fastest, most powerful regular-production Ferrari ever made (and, no, the LaFerrari was definitely not a regular-production car). It matches the LaFerrari’s V-12 in hp, tops it in torque, and simply obliterates the already stupefying special-edition F12tdf. The Superfast is able to reach 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The top speed is 211 mph. Though based on the 6.3-liter unit in the F12, the Superfast’s naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V-12 is 75 percent new. In addition to the increased displacement (via a longer stroke), the Superfast’s engine features a new crankshaft, new con rods, a new piston design, and a more robust crankcase. Read more 

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For thousands of U.S. auto workers, downturn comes fast

Wall Street is fretting that the U.S. auto industry is heading for a downturn, but for thousands of workers at General Motors factories in the United States, the hard times are already here. Matt Streb, 36, was one of 1,200 workers laid off on Jan. 20 – inauguration day for President Donald Trump – when GM canceled the third shift at its Lordstown small-car factory here. Sales of the Chevrolet Cruze sedan, the only vehicle the plant makes, have nosedived as U.S. consumers switch to crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks. Streb is looking for another job, but employers are wary because they assume he will quit whenever GM calls him back.
Layoffs at Lordstown and other auto plants point to a broader challenge for the economy in Midwestern manufacturing states and for the Trump administration. The U.S. auto industry’s boom from 2010 through last year was a major driver for manufacturing job creation. The fading of that boom threatens prospects for U.S. industrial output and job creation that were central to President Trump’s victory in Ohio and other manufacturing states. Last week the Federal Reserve said U.S. factory output fell 0.4 percent in May, the second decline in three months, due partly to a 2-percent drop in motor vehicles and parts production. Read more

Apple reveals 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' iOS 11 feature

Have you already heard about the release of iOS 11’s latest beta on Wednesday? Testers can now get their hands on one of the new mobile operating system’s most important – if not most glamorous – new features: a long-needed “Do Not Disturb While Driving” mode. Announced in June at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, the feature aims to combat the very dangerous practice of texting from behind the wheel, while also switching off other alerts that entice people to look at their phones while driving. In 2015, 3,477 people were killed because of distracted driving, and 391,000 were additionally injured.
Apple’s “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature isn’t a tool to fully prevent texting or alerts while in a moving vehicle. Instead, it offers to clamp down on distractions at a system level in a way that Apple has never before offered. The feature, when active, will be able to tell if you’re in a car when your phone is connected to the car’s USB connection or Bluetooth. It will also be able to use the iPhone’s sensors to determine your speed, even if your phone isn’t connected to a car. When the car is in motion, anyone else who texts will get an automated response that reads: “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb turned on. I’ll see your message when I get where I’m going.” Read more

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Diamond in the rough- the 2018 Hyundai Azera

Diamond in the rough- the 2018 Hyundai Azera: You need to pay more attention at cars like Hyundai Azera, you never know when you find a real diamond. This underappreciated vehicle deserves a lot more recognition than it gets, especially now when it got redisigned for 2018.


The new Azera has all the good things that made previous generations of the car brilliant, i.e. spaciousness, quality, awesome features, and fantastic engines coupled with almost flawless ride and comfort. But it also addresses some of the issues that kept those old cars in the shadows, namely iffy design and less than savory handling. The 2018 Hyundai Azera looks grown up, sophisticated, and pretty luxurious. It also gets a sportier chassis and driving aids for a better drive and a range of good engines.


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Kia takes the first quality spot again!

Kia takes the first quality spot again!J.D. Power has released its 2017 annual report card on vehicle quality and again the first spot has been taken by Kia. Only 72 problems per 100 Kia vehicles were reported, and that’s despite the shake-up in the 2017 U.S. Initial Quality Study rankings that included significant shifts with the German and Japanese brands -- most notably, Toyota and Lexus -- falling behind many U.S. and Korean car brands.


The vice president of global automotive company J.D. Power said that Kia is without question the best quality the world has ever seen. The industry is picking up steam and really improving the quality of their vehicles. In its first year as a standalone brand, Hyundai’s luxury Genesis brand debuting at No. 2, with 77 problems reported per 100 vehicles. Porsche, with 78 problems, dropped to third -- its lowest ranking since 2015.

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Ford Motor Co. moving its Focus production to China instead of Mexico

Ford Motor Co. moving its Focus production to China instead of Mexico:For the first time starting in 2019 Ford Motor Co. will export vehicles from China to the U.S.. The automaker plans to move the production of its Ford Focus small car from U.S. to China. Sales of small cars have dropped sharply in the U.S. and companies are seeking to cut costs making them.Ford’s president of global operations Joe Hinrichs said the move to China will save the company $1 billion, including $500 million for canceling plans to build the Focus in Mexico.

Без названия
Wary of the response from President Donald Trump, who has criticized Ford for making vehicles outside the U.S., Ford said the move won’t cost U.S. jobs. The suburban Detroit plant that currently makes the Focus will be converted late next year to produce the Ford Ranger pickup and Ford Bronco SUV. Ford also said Tuesday that it plans to invest $900 million in its Kentucky Truck Plant in Louisville to make the new, aluminum-sided Ford Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs. Those vehicles will go on sale this fall and will be exported to more than 55 markets globally, the company said. The investment will secure 1,000 jobs at the Kentucky plant.

Audi to promote its 2018 Audi A8 in the new Spider-Man movie

Audi to promote its 2018 Audi A8 in the new Spider-Man movieAudi partners up with Marvel Comics again. This time it wants to promote its new 2018 Audi A8 in the new Spider-Man movie, by debuting it in the franchise on July 7.
Без названия
The Audi A8 will strut its stuff when the car is driven by Happy Hogan as he chauffeurs Peter Parker. At one point, Hogan takes his hands off the wheel and the car keeps turning. This isn't magic, it is Audi's new AI Traffic Jam Pilot, a semi-autonomous feature that can be used for short periods of time on the highway. Audi is no stranger to promoting its vehicles on the big screen. Several years back, it heavily pushed the Audi R8 V10 Spyder when Tony Stark drove it in Ironman. Chevrolet has also used the big screen to promote its vehicles. Most of you probably remember when the automaker debuted the fifth-generation Camaro back in 2007 during Transformers.
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Porsche 919 Hybrid is the new king of Le Mans 24

Porsche 919 Hybrid is the new king of Le Mans 24Audi’s domination at Le Mans 24 has been taken by Porsche a few years ago, and it doesn’t plan to give the 1st place to someone else. The 919 Hybrid showed that nothing can beat it, by snatching the title of the king of Le Mans 24, bringing Porsche’s total wins up to 19.


The Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 that brought home the latest victory was piloted by Earl Bamber (NZ), Timo Bernhard (DE) and Brendon Hartley (NZ) and it do so shedding copious amounts of blood and sweat. This victory was well deserved, nothing like those big Audis few years back that just cruised along and won with a big margin. This 919 got through by the skin of its teeth. The car had no front axle drive anymore, was repaired for 1.05 hours and rejoined the race 18 laps behind, turning a 56th position into overall victory.

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Bosch investing $1,1 billion in chips for autonomous vehicles

Bosch investing $1,1 billion in chips for autonomous vehiclesAuto supplier Robert Bosch is investing $1,1 billion in its semiconductor plant. The company has never made such big investments before, which means this deal it’s planning right now is really worth it. The factory in Dresden, Germany, will start producing chips needed for autonomous vehicles, smart homes and Internet-linked city infrastructure in 2021. It’ll employ as many as 700 workers once construction is complete in 2019.


Bosch, known as a maker of traditional car parts such as braking systems and combustion engines, is also a long-time software developer and is increasingly investing in newer technologies as the nature of driving changes. The Stuttgart, Germany-based company been making chips for a range of products like smartphones for more than four decades. Last year, every car sold globally contained an average of nine chips made by Bosch, the company said. While Bosch is focusing on technology and projects promising improved connectivity and cleaner city centers, the 130 year-old company has come under pressure about its alleged role in helping carmakers evade diesel emissions rules that have rocked the auto industry.

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The US auto sales peak, isn't a peak at all

The US auto sales peak, isn't a peak at all: Analysts have been predicting that 2017 will be the year when US car sales will slow down, and considering the low sales presented by the automakers for last month, it’s not that hard to believe them. But, after missing the sales boom on the past two years and serially downgrading their expectations for traditionally automaker stocks while sending speculative investments on profitless Tesla in the stratosphere, they've now lined up to foretell the vast disruption that ride-sharing will bring the business.


All this talk about catastrophe and the future of US car sales is being offered by necessity to support an investment thesis around Uber and Lyft. Greve calls these companies a "fundamental threat" to the traditional auto industry, but it's unclear why that threat would be fundamental, or even really a threat. The analysis presumes lower vehicle sales because of a rising de-ownership trend, and to that Greve adds the idea that people who don't own cars will be willing to pool their ridership, essentially sharing Uber/Lyft as taxis. Of course, nobody does that now, and few people have ever been willing to go gladly into pooled ridership. When you want to go from point A to point B, you don't want to make extra stops at points C and D, and you're willing to pay for the privilege of a single ride.

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You can be the owner of this Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrow for only $23

You can be the owner of this Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrow for only $23: The RAF Benevolent Fund supports more than 60,000 current and former members of the RAF when they need help the most, and the charity is raffling the hyper-exclusive Aston Martin, number 10 of 10, to raise as much as £2.5 million for its worthy work. Raffle tickets are available to over-16s, but they aren’t cheap, at £20. The raffle runs all the way to 1 December with the draw a week later, so you can bet that a hell of a lot of tickets will be sold before then. Still, it’s for charity and you’ve got to be in it to win it. Tickets are on sale from the RAF Benevolent Fund website via the link above, and at air shows throughout the summer.


The car itself is a £275,000 Vanquish S in a bespoke pearlescent Eclat Red to match the color of the Red Arrows Hawks. Each of the 10 is paired with a specific jet in the Red Arrows squadron and includes matching military serial numbers. Nice. Under the bonnet there’s a 6.0-litre, 595bhp V12, which does fall a little short of the 5200lbs of thrust pushed out by the Rolls-Royce Adour turbofan in the BAE Systems Hawk used by the Red Arrows, but it should be good for 201mph and 0-62mph in 3.5 seconds; y’know, enough to get you from A to B. Each car also comes with two custom Red Arrows race helmets, two genuine Red Arrows leather jackets as worn by the pilots themselves, a special car cover, owner’s manual and photo album set, and two custom race suits; the driver’s in red like the pilots’ flight suits, and the passenger’s in blue to match the Red Arrows’ dedicated engineering team, the Blues.

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              Happy Father’s Day!

We know how to help you make your father the happiest. Choose a car from our wide variety of cars for auction and surprise him with an awesome gift. 
Happy Father’s Day!

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2006 BMW 325 I

2006 BMW 325 I:

2006 BMW 325 I


Black 4-door sedan 6 cylinder 3.0 Leather interior, Clean tittle, RWD, No oil leaks no problems, Automatic transmission, New tires, AC cooling, MP3 single disc player, Dual power seats .

Details here: https://repokar.com/car/4681/BMW/1-Series/California/Cerritos/2006-BMW-325-I

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The open-top 2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus- just in time for summer

The open-top 2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus- just in time for summerAudi always takes in consideration our desires and it comes with an open-top model just in time for summer. Audi’s new convertible is going to be the most powerful series-production car from the German car maker with a 610 PS engine and acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.3 seconds.


But performance is only one side of 2018 Audi R8 Spyder V10 Plus. The super car also comes with exclusive design package with special exterior colors such as this micrommata green you see here. There is also performance mode, R8 bucket seats, ceramic brake system and carbon components included as standard equipment, all of which set this model apart from pretty much every other R8 in the range. The roof arrangement, as with regular Spyders, is a cloth affair that can be opened or closed in 20 seconds, even while driving at up to 50 km/h (31.1 mph).

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Trucks tend to yield better profit margins than small cars

Trucks tend to yield better profit margins than small cars: The continuing fall in US auto sales in the first 5 months of 2017 has raised concerns about the future of auto demand in the country. But even considering the decrease there are factors which are still favoring the US automotive industry:


US demand for trucks and SUVs- The first key positive factor for automakers is that auto buyers’ inclination for heavyweight vehicles such as trucks and UVs (utility vehicles) is intact. US car sales have fallen 11.0% to 2.7 million units in the first five months of 2017. In contrast, US truck sales have risen 4.7% to 4.3 million units until May 2017. This sales trend is significantly positive for mainstream automakers since trucks tend to yield better profit margins than small cars.

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Meet and greet the 2018 BMW 6 series Gran Turismo

Meet and greet the 2018 BMW 6 series Gran Turismo: The 2018 6 series Gran Turismo will be introduced by BMW this Fall. The 5 series Gran Turismo went out of production in February of this year, and after a few months the five-door 6 series GT joins the lineup. You might consider it successor of the 5 series GT, since it’s based on the 5 series architecture and paint, but don’t tell that BMW, cause the automaker is avoiding that description.


The carmaker wouldn't say whether BMW would eventually bring back the 5 series GT. The previous model went out of production as part of BMW's move to the redesigned 5 series, which went on sale in February in the U.S. with a sedan body style. With five doors and a greenhouse styled like a coupe, the 6 series GT provides more legroom and rear headroom than a conventional sedan and combines luxury sedan comfort with the aesthetic appeal of a coupe. In the U.S., the 6 series GT will be offered exclusively as a 640i xDrive model starting at $70,695, including destination.

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Audi’s plans for improving its U.S. sales

Audi’s plans for improving its U.S. salesWhile McLaren is truly happy with its sales and doesn’t plan on switching to the SUV market, Audi is already thinking of adding more sport utility vehicles to its U.S. lineup. The carmaker revealed that it still has niches and segments which might bring to better sales in US.

Crosssovers will be a major part of Audi’s U.S. lineup and Audi is pushing to add their own full-size Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class rival since there is demand in this side of the Atlantic for an SUV that large. As for sedans, every automaker, Audi isn’t seeing the same kind of sales numbers as before due to consumers moving over to crossovers and SUVs and believes it’ll be a tough fight in that