среда, 6 июня 2018 г.

Nissan Reveals A Duo Of Camper Vans In Spain

Unveiled by Nissan for the first time during the Madrid Motor Show in Spain, e-NV200 Camper and NV300 Camper comfortably accommodate two travelers who want to enjoy a zero-emissions getaway to the countryside, to the sea or wherever the imagination takes them.

While the idea is attractive, the e-NV200 isn’t very practical, with its compact 40-kilowatt-hour battery and having a maximum range between 124 and 187 miles. But if you live close to the sea or the favorite mountain camping, it can do the job. A better solution for campers could be the new NV300 Camper, which is based on the regular NV300 cargo van. Power here comes from a family of compact 1.6-liter diesel engines.


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