четверг, 14 декабря 2017 г.

Uber charges a passenger over $14,000 for a 21-minute ride

When all the bars close, Uber‘s surge pricing can be astonishing. You might hear a lot of horror stories, but they probably don’t compare to the story of a Toronto passenger who claimed he was charged over $14,000 (CAD $18,518.50) for a 21-minute ride.

The brief trip was from 12a Widmer St. to 30 The Queensway. The ride was supposed to cost under $20. Uber has stated that it has since issued a full refund to the passenger. The company’s spokesperson said that there was an error and it has been resolved. He added that they apologized to the passenger for his experience. A friend of the overcharged customer tweeted on Saturday about disputing the price. Read more

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