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Cars to bet on: Audi R8 Performance Parts and TT RS Performance Parts

Cars to bet on: Audi R8 Performance Parts and TT RS Performance PartsAudi just revealed its new upgraded models Audi R8 Performance Parts and its little brother the TT RS Performance Parts at its 2017 Summit, and this time this car must finally get the attention it deserves. As the name suggests, Audi Sprt Performance Parts are a number of extras, usually available through tuners and aftermarket brands, offered to you straight from the factory. They help make the cars lighter, faster and nicer to look at… at least if you are into naked carbon and big spoilers.


In the case of Audi R8 Performance Parts the main highlights of the package include sport brake linings, which are more powerful and less prone to fading than standard brake linings with steel or ceramic carbon discs, two- or three-way coilover suspension, clear carbon aero kit covering front air inlets, the side sills and the diffuser, giving the car not just more attitude but also greater downforce. The R8 now delivers 250 kg (551.2 lb) at 330 km/h (205.1 mph), an increase of over 100 kg (220.5 lb). You also get sport contour steering wheel with multifunction plus and carbon shifters.

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