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BMW aims to sell 100,000 all-electric and plug-in models next year

Electric cars are coming, like it or not. Some companies are trying to get ahead of the curve, like BMW, which has high aspirations for electric sales volume in the coming year. Longer range, more sales. That’s a very simplified version of what BMW is hoping from its plug-in vehicle line up. In fact, Bimmer is expecting to sell as many electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in 2017 as it has for the past three years combined.
BMW will sell about 60,000 plug-in vehicles this year, and is hoping to boost that annual total to 100,000 units for 2017. The key to this lofty goal is the i3 electric vehicle, which moved 25,000 units last year. BMW this summer said its battery upgrade for the 2017 i3 will boost that model’s single-charge range to 114 miles, up from 81 miles for this year’s version. The model’s US base price will get an increase as well: up $1,200, to $44,595. Beyond the i3, BMWis said to be developing its Project i20 initiative, which includes more autonomous-driving capability as well as greater use of lightweight carbon fiber in the automaker’s plug-ins. Moreover, BMW is likely to update its i3 and i8 plug-in hybrid models by 2022, and has said that it’d like as much as 25 percent of its global sales to be of the plug-in variety by 2025. 

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