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Jeremy Clarkson back in strife in Argentina over ‘Falklands’ number plate

Jeremy Clarkson faces prison for fake numbers
Argentina is ready to send the scandalous leader to prison for 3 years.
Last year, Clarkson's team worked on one of the next releases of the Top Gear program, they were vtested a Porsche on the roads of Argentina. On that car was hung offensive to Argentines a license plate with «H982 FKL» numbers: this combination is a direct reference to the events of the Falklands War in 1982, when, due to a territorial dispute with the United Kingdom, Argentina has lost more than 600 people and lost control of the Falkland Islands. 
When the people saw these unusual plate numbers they threw stones to their film crew. Now the former of Top Gear team run away in Chile protected by the police.
The Argentine's prosecutor's office decided to bring to case his criminal fact. The worst scenario for Clarkson and his producers could be the imprisonment for falsifying the numbers about 3 years. 

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