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Colorado Car Sales

New car sales slow in Colorado
As we know, in September 2015 new cars sales rose at a rate of 4.4% from a year earlier. In August it has 11.87% jump. For January till June, sales growth was 8.0% from the same period of 2014, according to the latest monthly Colorado Auto Outlook report from market. 
Despite the slowdown in the growth rate, Tim Jackson, the dealer association's president, noted that "as we head into the final quarter of the year, new car and light truck registrations continue to trend in positive territory" from a year earlier.
The most popular new brands in Colorado last month were Toyota/Scion (2,486 cars and trucks registered), Ford (2,279 registered) and Subaru (1,918 registered).
The biggest sales growth over the previous year was by GMC (up 26.9 percent), Ford (up 16.8 percent) and Ram (up 13.2 percent), while Kia sales fell 11.9 percent.
The most popular used-vehicle makes last month were Ford (2,713 registered), Chevrolet (2,292 registered) and Toyota/Scion (2,018 registered). The used car numbers include items of 7 years old or newer.

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